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I truly believe health is the key to everything. Having energy to spring out of bed, motivation to exercise, excitement to cook a great meal for your family, inspiration to travel, no -end to great ideas and exciting plans for your future.

My focus is on getting you directly to your goal.  We remove all of the guesswork to discover which foods, supplements and lifestyle strategies you need to create lifelong, vibrant health.

I am trained in functional medicine, which uses detailed assessments to identify the imbalances that may be behind your symptoms.

The Nutrition Clinic method uncovers food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies and digestive disorders – just a few of the issues that may be behind those “I feel off” symptoms.

When you make the right changes you will be inspired to make changes that go beyond your plate. When your body truly feels good you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

This Is Where The New You Begins..


Our one-on-one consultations at Camden Medical Centre uncover what is happening inside your body.

Guided by the science of Functional Medicine, we evaluate your diet and lifestyle, create structure with eating plans, then give you all the motivation you need to build and maintain long-term positive change.

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RESET 10 Day Group Detox

Join us for our group detox from 16-25 January 2016. Using science, nutrition and daily motivation, RESET will detox your body to supercharge your life.

With a balanced programme of supplements, snacks and meals, as well as our expert guidance, these 10 days will help you change the way you eat, forever. Say goodbye to cravings and hello to energy, all day long.

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We are passionate about sourcing the highest quality products that make healthy living a little easier. We ensure our products are tried and tested by our team so you can shop with confidence.

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Our Values

  • Test Don't Guess

    We seek to understand your unique biochemistry so we can understand precisely what your body needs to heal and subsequently thrive.

  • Food First

    We believe in the power of food. Eating should be a time of relaxation, enjoyment and sharing- we are passionate about food that is simple and delicious. We teach you how to eat for maximum energy, to engage your metabolism and turn off cravings.

  • Quality Matters

    We obsess about supplement quality, so you don’t have to. Every supplement we stock is practitioner grade which means you get a therapeutic dosage in a form that your body will readily absorb, while being free of nasty fillers and additives found in generic supplements.

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