BSC (HONS), Microbiology DR Kalish Functional Medicine Mentorship Certificate of Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine- University of Bridgeport AFMCP by The Institute of Functional Medicine

My Story

“Good health shouldn’t be about choosing sides.”

20 years ago, when my father was ill, it seemed most natural health experts where anti-mainstream medicine. Doctors and natural healers couldn’t agree on how best to tackle serious illness, and even with my background in science, I felt helpless.

That was however, until we found Johns Hopkins Hospital, a progressive US institution that combined a range of disciplines to help shape what we now know as ‘integrative medicine’.

My father’s experience was the starting point of my desire to take control of my own health. This desire was amplified when, two years after he died, I heard that conceiving would be difficult. Again it seemed decisions were being made for me, which I was helpless to control.

That was when I decided to take back control of my own health. My question was simple: What if we could look at our genes, our environment and our lifestyle choices, and use that to guide us towards good health? I quit my job and began studying nutrition, which led me to Foresight, a UK organisation researching nutrition and fertility. Inspired by their findings,  I started to ‘experiment’ on someone very close to me – myself! What might be known these days as ‘biohacking’.

The result? I felt incredible. Many symptoms I had simply grown used to over the years were changing. The low energy and immunity, poor digestion and sleeping patterns that had all become part of my life, were changing for the better.

By the time my daughter arrived, I was fully immersed in what is known as Functional Medicine. The science behind everything I had experienced and researched had become my life. And now, with The Nutrition Clinic, I am helping others to make it theirs. One patient at a time.


Rohani Anand Co-founder, COO, Foodologist

As Co-founder and partner, Rohini brings her expertise and passion for food to best serve the emerging holistic needs of clients.

Passionate about food & cooking, she experiments with various ingredients and cooking techniques to innovatively combine health & taste.

She introduces customers to traditional recipes with a modern twist, allowing them to incorporate delicious, healthy cooking into their daily lives.

Bonnie Rogers Business Development & Detoxologist

Bonnie joined the clinic with a passion to bring the incredible work happening within the space to a larger audience.

After being on pretty much every detox on the market, she knew the clinic was onto something big with RESET.

She hopes to guide many more people down the path to feeling fantastic through RESET and other developments in the near future… watch this space!

Diana Tan Operations

Diana handles all the operational aspects of The Nutrition Clinic and ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Diana enjoys the relaxed environment at the clinic and the different challenges each day bring- no day is ever the same! She is also excellent at mixing arometherapy oils to create “master TNC blends” that we diffuse in the clinic.